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Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

How to launch a career?

TV and Advertisement

TV is the best source to launch your career. You can broadcast your career launching in form of an advertisement but not in documentary style that will be tedious. Also stroll down important notes of your career on TV sports and news channel for at least 60 second during sports and news time. You can show it in form of clips especially during special programs. Give your launch ad in first break. To promote your career take these steps.

Proper Network

Use proper network phenomenon for the launching of your career. To obtain strong feed back from society and organization perform in such as way that previous generation did never act. Thanks to internet phenomenon, like Facebook and other social networks to help you in finding the best job. Try to show your skills via launching program that are required by the organization. These skills can be in form of computer fluency and flair of teamwork. Your social networking skills and consumer intellects are necessary for valuable career launch. Generation demand can also reveal obliging to your career.

Keep in touch

For the successful career or jobs launch contact with your concerned persons. Try to keep in touch with your previous colleagues and friends. When you are going to launch your career invite them, too. In this way you can connect with different developing organizations, social networks and media.

If you are working in an organization then this place can also be a best source for your career. Try to gain new opening opportunity if it suites you. You can launch career at that place with the coordination of your friends and ex-colleagues. You can play fabulous and useful role in that place. If you have been working in market then you can utilize your relationships for your career launch.


If you are looking for a best place for your career launching then newspaper is also a great source for this purpose. Especially evening time newspaper is really good for this. You can get place in vacancies and edition via a newspaper. Through this place you can get a biggest and pushiest section. In UK, Sunday is the best time to proceed. Your image selection should be appealing, it can convey your theme properly.

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After a childhood, teen years and early professional life filled with angst trying to please others, it wasn't until I truly allowed myself to focus on where I knew I excelled (or could), on what I was passionate about and on what kind of place would bring out my best that I was able to be intentional about what I really wanted in my career.

Now I know. To be truly satisfied in a career, it must be comprised of exactly those three elements above and a somewhat selfish perspective. Before you start looking for a new house, for example, you make a list of "must haves" and "nice to haves." Same with a new car, yes? Treat your career plan or job search no differently.

It has to start with YOU and your goals.

Get intentional about first carefully understanding what constitutes the three key elements of your ideal role, at the intersection of which you'll find the sweet spot: your ideal career.


Whether you are a highly motivated jobs seeker looking for a new position or a gainfully employed professional looking for the "next opportunity" internally, consider these three elements when asking yourself, "What do I really want to do?"


This is the what you do piece. The tasks and activities you're responsible for completing, the role you play, the duties and responsibilities in the job description. Marry your unique MO - how you naturally do the things you do - and your strengths with a role that needs those talents to accomplish the job most effectively and you have a match that allows you to do what you do best every day.

For example, if you are a gregarious brainstorming type who adapts every documented process to address the needs of the current situation and who thrives on experimenting with new ideas to see if they work... perhaps a role in direct marketing planning and analysis isn't for you. (That was me, by the way. For the first 15+ years of my professional life.) No, no, leave that job to a systematic planner who decides, through strategic data analysis, what is feasible to try then carefully measures the results to gauge success and gather information on how to do it better next time. (Thank goodness for me there are people out there like this!)


The why you do what you do piece. What difference do you want to make? What impact? What will be your legacy? What would make you excited to get out of bed every morning to work on and invest 8+ hours a day?

I'm not necessarily talking about finding the cure for cancer or saving the whales here. Unless that's truly your thing. I'm talking about what you feel is important... what is meaningful to you. Just because your father wanted to fill the world with song doesn't mean that's what would make you race into the shower after turning off the alarm every morning. When you can work toward making a difference in some area that you feel strongly about, you will apply what you do best every day to something that matters.


The where you do what you do best piece. What does the "place" look like that will allow you to do your best work? Bright, open shared space? Private office? Your car? Outside? What is the culture/core values of the organization? Who are your colleagues (if any) and what are their attitudes, beliefs, work ethic? What are the ideal benefits and compensation?

From the physical space to the intangibles like values and benefits, outlining the characteristics of the right environment is just as important as what you do and why you do it in order to find - or design - the exact right fit for YOU.


Meredith J. Masse, president of MPOWER Consulting, is a professional development consultant, career coach, and speaker who empowers individuals, teams, managers and leaders to do what they do best... focusing on the fastest way to achieve performance excellence: through optimizating natural strengths, talents and instincts in the workplace. Visit

Minggu, 21 November 2010

5 Tips on Employee Performance Reviews

  1. Concentrate on what you and the employee can achieve together in the future. Don’t use performance reviews just as a means of telling workers everything they’re doing wrong.
  2. Strive for consistency and fairness. Apply performance criteria to all employees, not just a few.
  3. Encourage employees to evaluate themselves and to discuss their own strengths. Your view of an employee and the employee’s view of himself should match fairly well. Otherwise, it’s a warning signal.
  4. Be honest about poor performance, but not brutal. Document your observations in writing.
  5. If you’re small enough that constant communication and feedback are taking place, you may be able to avoid performance reviews. But don’t send the message that performance isn’t critical.

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5 Tips for Hands-On Leadership


  1. Be there. Entrepreneurs warn that a successful business can slip when an owner is not there at least part of every day, keeping in touch with how things are going.
  2. Set an example for working hard. One wholesale bakery owner sometimes sleeps on the couch in his office so he can be there when the early shift comes in at 4 a.m.
  3. Don’t confuse “hands-on” managing with micro-management. Set objectives and offer guidance, but don’t make employees do every little thing your way. Gauge what they do by the results.
  4. Understand your business down to the last detail. The founder of a toy-store chain visits the stores and spends time doing each job (selling, clerking, etc.) and observing customers’ reactions.
  5. Stay in touch with “stakeholders”—including customers, employees and suppliers.
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Jumat, 19 November 2010

Lowongan Pekerjaan IT - Staff Design



Kami salah satu perusahaan Die Casting di Tangerang sedang mencari posisi sebagai Staff Design dengan kualifikasi sebagai berikut :
Lowongan Pekerjaan IT - Staff Design

  • Min. D3 in Mechanical Engineering with GPA min 2.75
  • Familiar with Mechanical Drawing
  • Familiar with AutoCAD & Solid Work
  • Good in English and Mandarin is an advantage
  • Cantumkan Staff Design pada subject email

Apabila anda memenuhi kriteria diatas, silahkan kirim lamaran anda beserta CV, Photo terbaru dan expected salary dengan menggunakan fasilitas QUICK APPLY dibawah ini

atau e-mail :

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Lowongan Pekerjaan IT - PHP Programmer


PT. Daya Sinergi Teknomandiri adalah Konsultan IT yang berkedudukan di Bandung yang menyediakan layanan solusi IT bagi beragam kebutuhan pelanggan di berbagai industri dan jasa. Komitmen kami adalah menjadi mitra terpercaya bagi pelanggan dan membantu mereka dalam upaya mencapai target bisnisnya melalui penyediaan solusi IT. Tujuan kami adalah memberikan kualitas layanan yang tinggi pada setiap proyek pekerjaan yang kami tangani.

Untuk memenuhi komitmen tersebut, kami mengundang Anda untuk bergabung menjadi bagian dari tim kami sebagai:

Lowongan Pekerjaan IT - PHP Programmer-(Kode Posisi: PHP)

Persyaratan Umum:
  • Sangat menyukai pemrograman.
  • Bertanggungjawab, proaktif dan termotivasi akan keberhasilan.
  • Memiliki kemampuan komunikasi dan interpersonal yang baik serta dapat bekerja secara tim.
  • Bersedia melaksanakan tugas di luar kota jika diperlukan.

Persyaratan Khusus:
  • Memahami konsep OOP secara komprehensif dan dapat membaca diagram/notasi UML.
  • Menguasai dan berpengalaman dalam pengembangan aplikasi minimal 1 tahun menggunakan teknologi sebagai berikut: PHP, CodeIgniter, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ORM, Data Mapper,
  • Memahami konsep SOA dan Web Service merupakan nilai tambah.
  • Menguasai minimal salah satu dari SQL Server/Oracle/PostgreSQL/MySQL.

Kirim lamaran lengkap Anda ke :

cc ke:

dengan mencantumkan Kode Posisi.

Paling lambat tanggal 15 Desember 2010

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INDONESIA VACANCY Design - Web Designer



PT. Mandawani Mandiri is an authorized full service, value-added distributor, reseller and integrator of advance technology data storage systems. The company currently represents EMC Software (, VERITAS Software (, Network Appliance ( and Quantum ATL ( for Indonesian market.

INDONESIA VACANCY Design - Web Designer

  1. Bachelor degree in Information Technology or Computer Science
  2. Good Knowledge in Web Design (60%) and Web Programmer 40%
  3. Strong knowledge in:
  4. Design ( HTML, Adobe Photoshop, Corel/Freehand, Flash, HTML, Dream Weaver)
  • Programming (PHP, ASP, Dot.Net, My SQL, Javascript, MS-SQL
  • Web Server (IIS, TomCat, Apache)
  • CMS (drupal, Joomla etc)
5. Having a good team work ability
6. Fluent in English both oral and written

Interested candidates must submit their application with a complete resume, list of project, expected salary and a recent photograph to:
Please send your CV to : or

HR Department PT. Mandawani Mandiri
Arthaloka Building 14th floor
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 2
Jakarta 10220

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